Our Goals

Our goal is to help your child feel confident, competent, and to develop in them a sense of passion and purpose. Your goals for your children become our goals. We surround them with love, encouragement and an inspiration to grow.

Our goal is to get the right enrichment for every child. Whether your child wants to try different activities or wants to find and hone that one passion, we offer offer a range of activities and a build-your-own option so that every program is tailored for yor child's unique interests.

Our goal is to STEAM ahead. Along with STEM-based choices we also offer creative Arts choices.

Our goal is to offer Fitness and Chill Zone for just hanging out with friends. And it's always included in your plan!

Our goal is to become your partners every step of the way as you raise happy, confident, accomplished children that will change the world.

Focus on the family

Be the boss of BUSY and take back that family time. It's time to spend your evenings in the car shuttling your children to activities after a long day. Spend quality time with your children.

Don't shuttle them from mental math to music to lego. We'll take care of that!


We offer affordable plans that can be 100% customized to fit your child's interests. From Lego and Robotics for your budding engineer, a range of options for your musician, Creative writing for your budding journalist or novelist to mind math for the future scientist, we have it all.

This is a ONE destination for S.T.E.M and ARTS education. With teachers who specialize in each different area, we offer a variety of enrichment programs that gives that extra push to the child. We divide our time into "Zones".‚Äč

Less Driving means - More family time to..

  • Plant something

  • Create a family tree

  • Get cooking

  • Tell a childhood tale

  • Start a family book club

  • Build a campfire

  • Write letters to grandparents

  • Go for a walk (or a bike ride)

  • Visit neighbors (with a treat)

  • Make a family cookbook

  • Rake leaves

  • Build a snowman